Bredbo has a history dating back to 1823 when it was first sighted.  Declared a village in 1888, Bredbo is still growing as people move into the area.

First sighting of the Monaro Plains by explorers Wild, Currie and Ovens was in June 1823. It is said, that the intervening hills prevented Captain Currie and his companions from following the course of the Murrumbidgee River. 

When they came across a 45’ wide river, they “assumed it was the one along whose bank they had been travelling for some days” ie the “Murrumbidgee”.  After crossing the river they, “went on for some miles almost due South”.  

This would indicate that they in fact crossed the Bredbo River, and having reached the neighborhood of what afterwards became Billilingra Hill, Captain Currie wrote ‘It was strangely treeless, and had a great expanse of rolling rich grass lands.”  It was no wonder that squatters rapidly settled the area. Bredbo village would have developed to support the squatter’s runs. 

In 1875 the first post office opened. Bredbo was gazetted as a village in 1888 and in 1889 was linked to Sydney and Cooma by the Railway. There were 8 houses in Bredbo in that year.

The population in 2006 was 166 with 68 houses.  The 2011 census shows that around 500 people now live in the Bredbo area.

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